Monday, July 16, 2018
Sixth grade art is a semester course that incorporates the elements of art and the principles of design into various art projects. Students will work on two-dimensional work: still life drawing, shading techniques, one and two-point perspective, color and value studies, watercolor painting, and pastel painting. They will also make a ceramic project or two. Students will have homework and tests in this course. Homework will usually consist of thumbnail or preliminary sketches for projects they will do during class.
Students will take four major tests: 1 - Line, 2 - Shape, Form and Space plus Drawing and Shading Techniques; 3 - Color; 4 - Ceramics. Tests will be worth approximately 25% of the total grade. Depending upon the materials used in their projects, some students may want or need to take their projects home to get them finished on time, especially if the students have been absent or if they choose a complicated design. Projects will account for 50% or more of the total grade. Major projects are given letter grades, not just total points for being turned in. Participation points are sometimes given for practice projects such as daily sketches.
Projects = 50% or more of total grade
Classroom participation, practice projects, and homework = 25%
Tests = 25% of total grade