Hazel Health

Student Health Enrollment Drive 

For the next two weeks, we are holding an Enrollment Drive to ensure 100% of families hear about our new student health service from Hazel Health. With Hazel, students now have access to doctor visits right from the school nurse’s office, and virtual visits from home. Parents - Please sign our new Student Health form: my.hazel.co/puxicok12/consent 

If you have already completed the form, thank you! Help us reach 100% of families this week by reminding your fellow Puxico families to opt-in or opt-out of this new service. 

Hazel provides extended student health services including:

● Medical treatment: For stomach aches, headaches, sprained ankles, asthma concerns, and everything in between 

● Medication: Prescriptions written or over-the-counter provided at school when needed 

● Coordination: With family physician and school